BOX FESTIVAL DOHA is a very unique concept created to be implemented for the First Time in Qatar.
The Project architecture is inspired from similar international experiences implemented in different places all around the world. The architectural concept is created based on the shipping containers that can be amended and decorated to be used as Stores and cafes.
BOX FESTIVAL DOHA is a commercial exhibition attracting families and individuals from Qatar and GCC countries combining shopping, fun, and kids’ entertainment A wonderful ambiance designed
to have different areas for restaurants and cafes and each is characterized by its nice view and seating are.

BOX FESTIVAL Doha Strips and refits SHIPPING CONTAINERS to create unique,‘low cost, low risk, ‘BOX SHOPS Put them together with a unique mix of international fashion, arts and lifestyle brands, galleries, restaurants and cafe and visitors will experience the first ‘POP-UP’ outdoor STORES.

BOX FESTIVAL Doha is named because its basic buildings blocks.

BOX FESTIVAL is radical stuff. It’s not so me run of the mall shopping center. It’s a living, fertile community of brands packed with talent, innovation and attitude that puts creativity and fashion back
where they belong: on the street.
BOX FESTIVAL isn’t just where you shop. It’s an inspiring and enjoyable place to drop in and . hang out It’s what a real brand experience  should be all about.


Resturants and Cafes




SQM Kids Play


Public Shows And Activities